Variable angle lance - KL 700 Vario

Knicklanze KL700

Variable anlge lance - KL 700 Vario
Pressure max. 250 bar
Spray angle 25°
Temperature max. 90 °C
Flow rate max. 20 l/min
Angle 0° - 120°
Connection M22 x 1,5 AG
Length 700 - 1500 mm
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Pressure tube

Pressure tube of lance made from aluminium



Lance head with solid nozzle protection


Quick adjustment

Additional angle setting feature by means of quick adjustment

Spezial Rohrprofil

Special tube

Pressure tube made of special tube pfofile for high maximum stress


Angle display

The set angle and the angle area are indicated on the grip of the lance


Angle adjustment

Angle setting range from 0° to 120°





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Brochure (pdf)



Flachstrahlduese NPT 14

Flat fan nozzle - NPT 1/4" AG
Pressure max. 500 bar
Spray angle 25°
Temperature max. 90 °C
Material Stainless steel
Nozzle-size (table) 020 - 100
Flow rate max. 51 l/min
Weight 0,2 kg
Connection NPT 1/4" AG
Item number
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Stainless steel nozzle with ceramic insert. The flat jet ensures excellent cleaning results.