What is the best way to clean external venetian blinds?

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PV-Reinigung mit Stangensysteme vom Boden oder vom Dach aus.

Professional products for your cleaning tasks

Cleantecs GmbH has been developing and producing accessories for high-pressure cleaning technology for over 30 years. One of our specialities is the area of rotating nozzles with over 30 years of experience in development. In addition, the company with 40 employees also offers lamella cleaners and chewing gum removers, which can also be connected to the high-pressure cleaners. For us, doing business doesn't just mean selling something. For us, doing business means co-operation with our customers, quality and service. Of course, you can also take advantage of our telephone advice service at any time. Since 2010, the company has dedicated itself to the cleaning of photovoltaic systems.

Cleaning external blinds

More efficiency when cleaning external venetian blinds. External venetian blinds have become an integral part of our architecture. Used as a modern building element in façade design, they are not only welcome sources of shade, but unfortunately also real dirt traps. More than almost any other part of a building, external blinds are often exposed to wind and weather, dirt and emissions. Added to this is the sunlight, which ensures that impurities work their way deeper into the material. The consequences range from corrosion damage to damage to the entire mechanism. Exterior blinds exposed to this kind of stress therefore need special attention when it comes to cleaning. This is good for the exterior appearance - but also for the interior. Regular cleaning not only preserves the value of the cost-intensive purchase, but also ensures that it functions perfectly.


Photovoltaic cleaning

It should no longer be a secret that regular cleaning of solar and photovoltaic systems is necessary. In order to maintain the value and function of a cost-intensive PV system for a long time and thus increase the yield, it must be cleaned regularly - and preferably professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. With the SOLA-TECS series, Cleantecs offers a professional solution for cleaning and maintaining solar and photovoltaic systems. In the so-called C-Class and W-Class, there are two models for powerful cleaning of large areas in the shortest possible time. And both rely on motorless technology, in which the brush rollers are set in rotation by a high-pressure cleaner. With their compact design, low support weight and guidance via a telescopic lance, the mobile devices guarantee quick and effortless cleaning of all photovoltaic systems.


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