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What is the best way to clean external venetian blinds?

With ease!

PV-Reinigung mit Stangensysteme vom Boden oder vom Dach aus.

DSGVO information obligations

Data protection at Cleantecs GmbH (alternatively TEV Jäger GmbH)
The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force throughout Europe since 25 May 2018. This regulation standardises the handling of personal data by private companies and public bodies throughout the EU. It is therefore necessary for companies to familiarise themselves with the General Data Protection Regulation and find out what consequences it has for their business operations. This means that all processes in which personal data plays a role, such as collecting, archiving, storing and deleting, must be identified and documented. In addition, all persons whose data is affected must be informed about how their data is handled and consent must be obtained for the use of the data. This is a very complex issue, as it involves applicant, customer and supplier data as well as the personal data of the company's own employees.

Duty to provide information when collecting personal data from the data subject in accordance with Art. 13 & 14 GDPR

Applicants (PDF)

Name Type Größe Download View
Informationen für Bewerber PDF 177.51 KB
Informationen für Messebesucher PDF 169.15 KB

Customer (PDF)

Name Type Größe Download View
Informationen für Kunden_1 PDF 162.80 KB
Informationen für Kunden_2 PDF 166.64 KB

Supplier (PDF)

Name Type Größe Download View
Informationen für Lieferanten PDF 163.92 KB

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